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TUITION IS NON-REFUNDABLE: Payment in full must accompany each registration unless appropriate financial arrangements have been made (payment plans are available). Tuition amounts are shown below:




Regular Tuition (for all students)                          $375.00 per year



Hebrew for Credit:                                                    $175.00 per year

Graduation (seniors only)                                        $65.00



*Books, supplies, registration, snacks and dinner are included in tuition

Payment in full is expected by September 20th.  $20.00 LATE FEE assessed if full payment is not received by September 20th (excluding pre-arranged payment plans/tuition assistance).  Payment can be made by credit card via the website or by check made out to:  Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona.


Tuition assistance is available through the Stephen Dickstein Scholarship Fund and Friends of Hebrew High. Applications for assistance are available by calling the office (520) 647-8448.

No student is ever turned away for inability to pay.




  • We are guests at Congregation Anshei Israel. Students are expected to demonstrate and show derech eretz (respect) toward their classmates, teachers, and all school and synagogue personnel and property. Any violation will lead to immediate disciplinary action.
  • The high school follows traditional Kashrut in all official functions.  No outside food can be brought into the building of Congregation Anshei Israel.
  • All absences should be reported prior to the start of class. Unreported absences will be followed up by notes and/or phone calls to parents. Please call 577-9393 by 5:00 p.m. the day the student will not attend class. After 5:00, please call the Hebrew High direct line: 647-8448
  • If a student needs to leave early, parents should contact us prior to that evening. Any student who needs to leave Hebrew High during school hours must make arrangements (to include parent communication) with Principal or Administrative Assistant.
  • Smoking and using alcohol or illegal drugs is strictly forbidden at all Hebrew High functions.
  • Students are expected to operate vehicles in a safe and appropriate manner in the parking lot. It is everyone's responsibility (passengers, drivers, and pedestrians) to maintain safety in the parking lot.
  • No student may be in his/her vehicle in the parking lot during the duration of the evening.
  • Once students enter the building, they are expected to remain inside until the conclusion of the evening classes.
  • In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to Jewish learning, and an atmosphere of respect for fellow students and faculty, shoulders and stomach (midriff) are to be covered. Skirts and shorts are to be worn at an acceptable length. Items of clothing are to be worn that are appropriate for a school of Jewish learning, i.e. no obscenities or obscene/inappropriate symbols are to be worn at anytime on any article of clothing (including hats).
  • Electronic devices are allowed only with the teacher’s permission during class time (some teachers utilize this technology within the structure of their class). If not being utilized as part of the class, students must refrain from using their cell phones or tablets.  Parents who need to get in touch with a student immediately should call the Hebrew High direct line at 647-8448. Do not call the synagogue.


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Experience for yourself the excitement, beauty and history of Israel. A $500 merit scholarship to an accredited Israel program, including March of the Living, is available to Jewish teens living in Southern Arizona who fulfill the requirements as outlined in the program description & requirements. Complete the contract and return to Amir Eden. The subsidy will be mailed directly to the program. 


For contract/application contact Suzanne at 577-9393, ext. 8448





Designed to both support Jewish teens in their decision to participate in an Israel Experience as well as to recognize excellence in community involvement and leadership, the Rabbi Arthur R. Oleisky award recognizes one outstanding teen with a $500 award towards their Israel Experience program.  The award stems from Rabbi Oleisky's passion for the State of Israel and his commitment to sending Jewish teens to Israel.  The recipient will be recognized publicly at the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona's Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony at the Tucson Jewish Community Center. The award is open to all Jewish high school students grades 10 and 11 and used in the summer (or on the March of the Living) of the year it is won.


The process to determine this year's recipient consists of an application and personal interview with the awards committee.  You will be contacted with your interview date and time soon after the application deadline.


For application click here: Rabbi Oleisky Scholarship Application

For cover letter click here: Rabbi Oleisky Shcolarship Cover Letter


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Tucson Hebrew High offers Hebrew language classes accepted in some school districts for one high school language or elective credit per year completed. In order to receive credit, students are required to pass the course by participating in class, completing all assignments and exams (including those missed due to absence), accumulating no more than 2 absences per semester and successfully completing a yearly assessment of mastery of topics. Students receive letter grades which are reflected on high school transcripts. Placement exams are given to all new students; continuing students are expected to advance to the next level of Hebrew. Credit is issued at the end of the school year and students must complete both semesters and have tuition paid in full to receive one credit.


Students enrolled in the Hebrew for Credit program attend Tuesday nights, 5:00-8:00 p.m.


PLEASE NOTE: New student placement exams are completed at registration.

*Amphitheater School requires pre-approval of Hebrew for Credit by the student's counselor and Principal before coursework is begun. Some private and charter schools accept credit, see Principal for confirmation. Catalina Foothills High School no longer accepts Hebrew for high school credit.


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Mitzvah Credit Hours make it possible to work Hebrew High into your busy life by providing an alternative learning program for one semester of Judaic Studies classes.


Here is how it works: Each Mitzvah project is given a value depending upon the length of the project, time needed to prepare or train for the project, etc. Values translate to credit hours. Complete 30 credit hours and you earn enough credits to substitute for an entire semester of Tuesday classes. Up to half of these hours can be fulfilled with projects outside Hebrew High with permission from the Principal. (A reduced tuition fee plus formal registration is required during the semester.)



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16 Credits


CREDITS: Each completed one-hour class equals one credit. Judaic Studies classes are graded Pass/Fail. Students with outstanding attendance and participation earn honors credit. Hebrew for Credit is a year-long course. Students receive a letter grade in the course which is reflected on their high school transcripts. Students can take any class for credit toward graduation, provided they have not taken the class before.


All students participate in graduation from Hebrew High if they attend their senior year enrolling in a 7:00 Judaic class and the For Seniors Only class during the 8:00 hour.  Requirements for a diploma are complete when the student has met the credit requirement (16 credits) and has attended Hebrew High for four consecutive years or has, according to the Principal's discretion, done equivalent work elsewhere*. A Certificate of Recognition is presented in all other cases when the "seniors only" requirement is fulfilled

*Seniors are provided with a breakdown of units completed and requirements for a Diploma of Graduation.


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  • Join Us For (free) Dinner Each Week!

    Come early to Hebrew High and enjoy dinner, schmoozing with friends, and getting some homework done before class. Free dairy dinner is available from 6:30 to 7:00 in the library.

  • Tucson Hebrew High seeks to accommodate a diverse student body. If students have physical, emotional or educational special needs, speak with Rabbi Ruven Barkan, Director of Hebrew High.

Hebrew High Co-chairs:  Nancy Ozeri and Rabbi Thomas Louchheim


TUCSON HEBREW HIGH is maintained by the Coalition for Jewish Education of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and is supported by our local Congregations: Anshei Israel, Bet Shalom, Chaverim, M'kor Hayim, Or Chadash, Temple Emanu-El and local Jewish Agencies:  Tucson JCC, University of Arizona Hillel Foundation and Tucson Hebrew Academy.  Scholarship funding generously provided by the Dr. Stephen Dickstein Scholarship Fund and Friends of Hebrew High.

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Dr. Ruven Barkan, Director, Coalition for Jewish Education, Hebrew High Principal

Suzanne Amador, Administrative Assistant